Janus - Nxt Foundation Supporter 2017-03-21T10:42:30+00:00

The Janus Project

The Janus project is a team of experienced business entrepreneurs that utilize the secure ledger of Nxt software and blockchain to provide passive income for individuals who purchase Janus tokens. Our company is creating multiple global sites using unique changes on established working business models. We focus on services, software, and business solutions to deliver net revenue to all Janus tokens in circulation.

Our team chose the Nxt platform because, simply put, they have the most refined Blockchain software and service for business use of any in existence. The upcoming addition of Ardor, and child chain Ignis, will open the future doorway for our company to thrive, utilizing the technical strengths offered by them. This allows the Janus team to focus on what we do best, business development and profit generation.

Our team understands the need for funding, this donation is necessary to continue the growth of the platform and ecosystem as a whole. It’s been a great pleasure combining our project with Nxt software, and we look forward to a bright future with the people and community involved.